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KinseyKinsey Middleton: Professional Long Distance Runner

I think massage is an incredible tool to help me perform at an elite level in my sport. My weekly sessions with Justin are a vital part of my training and recovery, and I believe they are instrumental in my success and health. At an elite level, every single thing you can do to help improve your performance is crucial, and a weekly massage with Justin definitely helps me go the extra mile!

Ilana ImgIlana Goldman: Ballerina

Justin helped to keep me dancing during some tough times. My neck and back wouldn’t have made it through all of our performances without him. I am grateful for his wisdom, generosity, and magic hands.

I was told that living on dreams has never been my style. Dreams are only dreams if you don't act on them -- and that certainly doesn't apply to me. "Shu" Justin has that same Philosophy! He gets you to be the best that you can be. One of the best at what he does, if not the best.  "Shu"

Mike Shuman: The “Shu”

I was told that living on dreams has never been my
style. Dreams are only dreams if you don’t act on them
— and that certainly doesn’t apply to me. “Shu”

Justin has that same Philosophy! He gets you to be the best that you can be. One of the best at what he does, if not the best.  “Shu”

Swim JumpClaire Pinson: International Swimmer

I came to Justin with an extremely painful shoulder and an even more broken mental state. Through working with Justin, I gained peace of mind and clarity about what was going on with my body. I was able to get back to swimming and compete pain free at an international competition after just a few weeks of working with Justin. Today, using the tips I learned about recovery methods, stretching, and keeping my body healthy and active-ready, I am still injury free and competing without any problems! Thanks Justin!

photoCara Morgan: Recreational Tennis Player

Justin Solace helped me recover and get stronger after I suffered a leg injury resulting from the residual impacts of a blood clot.  Justin started by assessing my goals and setting a game plan in place to achieve my goal of playing high level tennis again.  He provided me coaching during our weekly one on one sessions that included taking be through exercises that built up my strength overtime, doing body work at the end of each rigorous session to keep my muscles loose, and helping me to stay positive and focused on my goals.  He also checked in with me between sessions via email to see how I was doing.  He provided me guidance on how to warm up before playing a match, how to fuel my body before, during and afterwards, and he set me up to track what I was eating daily.  As a result of working with Justin for three months I am back stronger than I was before!  I highly recommend Justin as a coach that brings the whole package!

John Trojacel finishing one of his many sports events.John Trojacek: Competitive Athlete

As a competitive athlete (running, cycling, surfing, jui jitsu) Justin has worked on my body over several years and I can’t say enough positive things about his skills, treatment and ability to make problem areas go away. He has helped me get back in the game faster when training injuries have slowed me down. As a former employee of Shu’s Idaho Running Co. I spoke and worked with several athletes across several different disciplines and if anyone complained or asked about resolving aches, pains, or persistent training defects Justin was always my first recommendation. Justin is by far the best body work guy I have found, and the best use of money when trying to address an body mechanics issue. I highly recommend his services. Enjoy!

Christina Johnson smiling after receiving sports massage therapy from Hybrid Health.

Christina Johnson: Ballet Master

Justin is the first person I recommend to anyone who is looking for high quality body work as well as insight into how best to move their body toward functioning optimally. Having been in the field of professional dance for over 35 years I understand first hand the critical importance of body maintenance. Justin’s extensive knowledge, experience and intuition make his work exceptional. Not only is his hands-on work of the highest caliber, he is also able to determine the source of imbalance and provide input for how best to move forward in the healthiest way, there by empowering his patients to make wise, holistic choices.

Suzie Walter Skiing

Suzie Walter: Competitive Athlete

Competitive sports have always been a part of my life and have pushed my body to it’s limits. Without Justin helping me work through the stress I put my body through, I wouldn’t be able to continue to performing/competing in the sports and activities that I love.

One Comment on “Testimonials

  1. In my experience, Justin has far exceeded any practitioner educated in this area of sports medicine. I have engaged in many areas of athletics & sustained many injuries over the years with surgeries. His professionalism, kindness, wisdom, expertise, education, & follow-up was extraordinary! My mind body spirit was at an all time low. Pain was a constant companion. Now, I am rebuilding & looking forward to a much more active life again with energy I have not had in a very long time…
    I am so grateful.


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