Get Back on Track to Peak Athletic Performance

Professional sports massage therapy for pain, injury, and performance.

  • Enhance your athletic performance
  • Alleviate chronic pain in less time
  • Increased relaxation and better sleep

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Our Services

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Manual Therapy

Hands-on therapy applied with the intention of inducing relaxation, improving movement, and restoring mental/physical health.
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Corrective Exercise

Functional activities to improve motor control, enhance movement, and improve balance/reflexes.
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Myofascial Release

Hands-on work for restoring free movement between tissue layers and improving posture.
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Sports Massage

Massage therapy and stretching protocols designed to prevent injury and improve performance.
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Stress Management

Various manual therapies aimed at restoring proper posture and alignment.
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Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy tailored to care for women during pregnancy.
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Massage therapy for the muscles of the head, neck, and jaw.
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Thai Massage

Elements of traditional massage, acupressure, gentle supported twists, subtle manipulations, and breathwork.
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Hot Stone Massage

A type of therapy that uses smooth, heated stones, usually made of basalt, to provide warmth and relax the muscles.

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Pain Management

These appointments consist of a combination of client education, manual therapy, movement, and home self-care.

About Hybrid Health

The name says it all. We combine a hybrid of modalities tailored to your specific issues.

We don’t need you to return 3x a week for months. We don’t need you to commit to thousands of dollars of care.

First and foremost, we offer evidence-based massage and complimentary therapies. We combine this with movement and exercise to help change dysfunctional patterns. Then we top it off with expert coaching and education. Our job is to help you understand how to take responsibility for your own health and not become dependent on medical help.

Our success rates are tremendous and often seen in 3-5 sessions.

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“When I’ve overdone at the gym, Hybrid Health is part of my healing process. Justin is THE massage professional in the valley and knows how to help you recover from sports injuries or just feel good when you’re too tied in knots. He employs great therapists and trains them on the latest whole health “massage stuff”. It’s his passion!”

– Richard Sotto

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