Hybrid Health has been an evolution of alternative manual care since it opened in 2009. It has grown into a multidisciplinary clinic helping care for a wide variety of physiological dysfunctions.

Beginning simply as sophisticated massage therapy, clients were seeing high success rates and returning to their favorite life activities that once seemed out of reach. However not all were finding this level of success.

Further research and mentoring made it clear that simply mobilizing overly restricted tissues was not a complete answer and that a marriage of flexibility and strength is required in the vast majority of cases. This shift in approach led to greater studies in movement therapy, corrective exercise, neuromuscular repatterning, and reflexive stabilization. Combining these modalities together not only helped those who were not achieving the results they desired,  but it greatly increased all patient outcomes across the board.

Due to this increased success we have continued exploring a diversity of research and alternative modalities to further build our offerings and again increase our success rates as well as provide care to a greater diversity of clientele.

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