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Intra-Oral (TMJD)

About Intra-Oral Massage

Did you know the jaw is the single most used joint in the body on a daily basis? From speaking to smiling to chewing, our jaws are constantly in use. It comes as no surprise that when the jaw starts to hurt, it makes itself known pretty quickly. Jaw issues can also lead to neck and face pain, along with headaches.

There are many forces at play when it comes to jaw tension. However, for many, this has to do with daily stressors and leads to excessive tension in the muscles that control the mouth and jaw.

Intra-Oral massage addresses the tissues of the shoulder, neck, and face, as well as inside the mouth, when required. Most cases of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) can be resolved without the intra-oral work however, when necessary, a trained therapist can release these deeper tissues.

Fortunately, because the muscles of the jaw aren’t touched very often the respond quickly. Most TMJ issues can be happily resolved in just a few sessions when combined with some gentle self-care.

woman getting a Intra-Oral (TMJD) Massage

Massage Therapy Rates

90 Minutes – $150 (Justin $170)
60 Minutes – $105 (Justin $115)
45 Minutes – $80
30 Minutes – $60

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