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Corrective Exercise

About Corrective Exercise

Although it’s argued that there is no perfect way to move through this world, there may be ways in which you are causing yourself some discomfort. Each of us is unique in our life histories, work/life balance, hobbies, sleep positions, etc. This uniqueness means we never know when or perhaps even why certain movements are activities that cause one person pain and not the next.

Corrective work looks at identifying the activities in life that are causing you pain – or perhaps where you aren’t performing to your highest capacity – and attempts to make small changes. This work is more about motor control – smaller movements – as opposed to working out to get stronger/faster/fitter like you would at the track or in a gym.

The majority of our work focuses on control of the pelvis and spine – being able to voluntarily control and safely move segments in isolation as well as coordinated in groups. Through increased control and mobility of the spine and pelvis, we tend to be able to make changes through the shoulder, neck, and head up the chain – and through the knees, ankles, and feet down the chain.

Some clients have too much range in their joints, which can lead to an increased chance of injuries or dislocation. With this type of presentation, our corrective work looks at stabilization and balance again to help restore control and confidence throughout the body.

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Corrective Exercise Rates

30 Minutes – $55

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