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Sports Massage

About Sports Massage

The fastest grouping sector of massage therapy over the past decade has been for sports massage. Although the term sports seems to indicate a specific sporting activity, at Hybrid Health we use the term performance massage as performance could refer to anything; hiking in the hills, playing with your grandchild or running your first or 50th marathon.

Sports massage works to maintain health of the body that is being exposed often to repetitive movements related to activity. Whether the intensity is low or high, repeated movement patterns can often cause discomfort, pain or lead to injury.

In the event of pain or injury, sports massage helps to restore physical health and get you back to your activity as quickly as possible. These techniques involve traditional styles of massage therapy but also include client movement, various types of stretching, and a home self care program.

At Hybrid Health the majority of ours performance massage is for the general public just looking to enjoy the great outdoors however we also work with a variety of national, international, professional and olympic athletes.

Person receiving Sports Massage

Sports Massage Rates

90 Minutes – $150 (Justin $170)
60 Minutes – $105 (Justin $115)
45 Minutes – $80
30 Minutes – $60

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