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Massage Business Coaching

Have you been a therapist for a while and looking for some fresh inspiration? Or perhaps you are brand new and just looking to keep that passion fire blazing. Are you considering opening your own practice? Do you currently own a practice and are looking for ways to build it? Perhaps you want to start teaching your own CE courses and aren’t sure where to begin.

Justin can help you with:

  • Expert advice and strategies for therapists considering opening their own practice or aiming to expand their existing one.
  • Support for opening or expanding a practice.
  • Personalized support in clarifying goals, creating actionable plans, and navigating challenges in the journey of professional development and growth.

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As much as Justin wants to help everyone his time only allows so much. If for any reason there isn’t room in his current schedule, referrals will be provided to other coaches/mentors, or you can be be but on a waiting list.

How It Works

This is not a “get 100 clients in 100 days,” or “build your 6-figure practice only working 4 hours a week.” This is reasonable information and best practices that can apply to everyone. This is a process of taking the time to understand you.

Step 1

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Schedule a session with Justin to assess your current situation, challenges, and goals for your coaching massage business.
step 2
Goal Setting & Strategy Development
Collaborate with Justin to set realistic goals and develop a personalized strategy tailored to your business needs and aspirations.
step 3
Implementation & Skill Enhancement
Implement the strategies discussed with Justin to enhance your massage business, refining your skills and optimizing operations.
step 4
Ongoing Support & Adjustment
Receive continuous support from Justin as you navigate challenges, with periodic reassessments and adjustments to ensure long-term success.
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About Justin Kobbe Solace

Justin Kobbe Solace has been a practicing therapist, educator and business owner since 2009. He’s weathered many ups and downs including a worldwide financial crisis, working in an unlicensed state, COVID and is still going strong. He currently owns and runs Hybrid Health – a multidisciplinary clinic housing a variety of practitioners – and teaches internationally both in person and online.

Justin is often sought out in his hometown of Boise, ID to help new or struggling therapists refresh their hands on skillset and/or revitalize and grow their massage business. Now he’s bringing his knowledge and experience to you regardless of where you live.


What They’re Saying

Idahos Best Badges
“I’ve known Justin for years, and I always look forward to spending time with him. His classes are sure to be full of great information, offered in a caring, accessible, and fun-filled way. If I were in practice, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to take a class with Justin.”
Ruth Werner
“Used these techniques on my client this week with Fibro that started in 91 with a lower back injury – she texted later in the day and said she hasn’t felt this good in a VERY LONG TIME!!!!”
Past student
“Justin is a master in the Massage Therapy field and professional teaching. He is able to meet his student’s physical, emotional, and educational needs to create a universal design of education to improve his student’s knowledge and techniques. This skill is ultimately to the utmost benefit for clients and the massage therapy profession.”
Michelle Fenn, M.Ed. LMT, MLD