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Empowered Communication:
Evidence Based Ethical Interaction

Massage therapist talking with client

The way we communicate with our clients can often times be more powerful than the massage we provide. A client who doesn’t feel safe, at ease and cared for won’t be able to experience and internalize the full potential of your work. This communication begins with the first glimpse of marketing material, the initial answering of a phone call or stumbling on to your website. Whether you are providing ultimate relaxation or a therapeutic intervention, how we choose to communicate with our clients with either enhance or diminish the desired outcome.

This class is taught in either a 2-hour or 4-hour timeframe. The material is a combination of lecture, case study and interactive activities.

Class teaching objectives:

  • Morals vs Ethics
  • Placebo & Nocebo
  • Cognitive models for interaction
  • Marketing Materials and Websites
  • Verbal and written language

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