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Hybrid Health is Back!

I am excited and proud to announce that I, Justin Kobbe Solace, will be reopening Hybrid Health. It’s been several years since our clinic was open in full capacity and to new clients and I’d like to inform you of what has been happening during that time.

In 2012 I took on the role of Program Chair for Massage Therapy at Broadview University. This opportunity allowed me to further my research and deepen my understanding through curriculum development, instruction, and new relationships with leaders in this industry. I have been teaching not only here in Boise but across the west coast bringing my knowledge and experience to therapists looking to expand their capacity, studying under several of the most prolific instructor/practitioners not just in the USA but the world.

Additionally I began exploring the world of strength training and movement rehabilitation, an essential component of quality manual therapy that had been lacking in my previous work. Combining the worlds of manual therapy and strength training brings results that were previously not accomplishable and allows caring for a more diverse set of issues.

The time has now come to bring this deeper, more comprehensive, understanding of the human body back to the people of Idaho. I will be reopening Hybrid Health in June and will be going through several evolutions to ultimately bring to you a fully integrated health clinic combining manual therapy, massage, neuromuscular retraining, nutritional consultation, and public educational seminars with the Treasure Valley’s highest quality practitioners.

We have all experienced the void in the modern healthcare continuum, especially here in Boise. We know this is a world class city and I look to elevate it further by offering world class care that we all deserve.

Looking forward to the future.


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