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Justin is getting his Masters!

Continuing education is one of the pillars of Hybrid Health. All practitioners who have been involved with the organization over the years have shared the qualities of intrigue, wonder, and drive. Justin is no different and this drive has continually pushed him to improve and grow as a care provider.

Over the years Justin Kobbe Solace has furthered his education through studying massage, nutrition and exercise technique, theory, and application. Each topic has deepened his understanding of the complex human body, allowing him to provide a higher quality service to the clients he serves.

Justin has now begun the process of achieving his Masters in Kinesiology through Boise State University. This educational process will immerse him in exercise physiology, nutrition, movement, biology, ergonomics and rehabilitation models. He’s extremely excited to take this new found knowledge to the clients of Hybrid Health and continue to raise the bar in treating chronic pain and injury.


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