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Stength and Mobility – A Happy Marriage

All muscles work in pairs to move and support one or multiple joints. For the body to function optimally these muscle groups must maintain a state of balance or homeostasis. Too often, based upon the activities of daily living, we find the balance disrupted. The result is muscle aches and weakness, joint pain and degradation, nerve compressions, increased stress and inflammation, and a general sense of unease.

The manual therapy work of Hybrid Health is designed to ease the strain being put on the body by decreasing the excitability and increasing the length of the shortened overactive muscles. In doing so the reciprocal relationship between the muscle groups begins to return to normal.

However in many cases the inhibition of the excitable tissue is not enough to bring resolution. The weak and lengthened muscles need to be stimulated and strengthened. Because this is an imperative step in long-term rehabilitation, Hybrid Health now utilizes functional movement and corrective exercise in addition to their manual therapy techniques.

This combination of soft tissue inhibition and muscle excitation allows the muscle groups to return to an optimal balance, holding the joints of the body in proper position, and removing all noxious stimuli that had previously been the source of chronic pain.

Client education is then employed with a self-care protocol to ensure old destructive habits and patterns cease and become replaced with new beneficial ones.


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